Troop 415

Granada Hills, CA

Meetings: Wednesdays, 7:00 PM to 8:30 PM, at St. John Baptist De La Salle Church

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Holiday Party

Hi everyone, this week on Wednesday the 18th we ar having our annual troop Holiday Party. So its going to be a potluck. Everyone is welcome to bring any dish to feed up to 8 people. We already have have scouts bringing Drinks: Christian K. Shawn C. Jacob J.; Chips: Nathan S. Brandon L. Kenneth M.; Desserts: Issac H. Joe B. If you are unable to bring a main dish please contact me so i can let you know what we might need more of snack wise. Besides all the snacks, we will be having pizza, EVERONE MUST BRING $5 IF THEY WANT TO EAT PIZZA. Since this meeting is all about fun before the holidays, we will be playing board games all meeting long! You are welcome to bring any board game you want to but, we already have plenty of Monopoly games. The meeting will start at the regular time of 7:00. Scouts are welcome to wear there Class A\'s or Class B\'s for the party. If you have any questions please feel free to contact me. Thank you, Hamazh Hashmi (SPL).

Wednesdays meeting (9/25/13)

Hi guys, this Wednesday we will be having In\'n\'out burger supplied by Andrew to show his thanks for the troop helping out for his eagle project. We will also be having a PLC for the troop scouts with positions, please be there. Thank you.

Change in what to bring for Court of Honor.

Hi everyone, just changing who has to bring what. Everything is the same except wolves will be bringing finger foods( ex: cheeses, pretzels, etc).

Court of Honor: What to Bring

Please bring supplies according to your patrol: Trees: Desserts, Bears: Drinks, Blue Dogs: Chips

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