Annual Planning

Our scouts plan the outings on an annual basis in August/September of the previous year.

The scouts determine and vote on what they would like to do and the leaders and adults provide support to make it happen.

Variety is the spice of Life

Troop 415, does many different outings such as backpacking, car camping, summer camp, canoeing, white water rafting, desert awareness, beach camping, wilderness camping, Rifle Safety and Shooting, Archery, and many more.  We have an outing once a month.

We also have the scout try different types of cooking such as Dutch Oven, Foil Meals, BBQ, backpacking food, cooking in a bag, and using lightweight & camping stoves, and many more camping skills.

The Adventure Continues

Its about learning life long skills, teamwork, leadership, community service, preparedness, first aid, the outdoors, and most of all having Fun.